According to Business Line, the online survey conducted by a private firm for 145 executives from various industries revealed, more than 30 per cent of the respondents planning to offshore their IT infrastructure in the next 12 months and another 30 percent researching or evaluating the same with active interest.
The need for mid to large size enterprises to take care of their IT Infrastructure through their outsourced partners is more convenient and reliable as they can focus on their core business.
Various Global leaders and organisations prefer IT Infrastructure offshoring as they have gained confidence to offshore new and complex service lines like IT infrastructure management and critical business processes in the last couple of years.
At Fourth Dimensions, we believe that no enterprise can truly become an ace at running its own IT Infrastructure business and monitoring as their core focus is on their own business line.
We provide a combination of onsite support with remote monitoring. This helps our clients to run their business smoothly and their core teams can focus on their critical business lines.
Another factor, that contributes is the better margins and low investment for enterprises. The outsourcing of IT work allows companies to meet their IT needs without adding internal staff or investing in new IT infrastructure initiatives.
Wisely planned and chosen offshoring can be a key strategy for enterprises to remain in a strong position against the competitors and of course strengthen their position in the market.

· Enhance productivity and efficiency of the IT infrastructure
· Improved business-critical service availability
· Measured service quality through well-defined SLAs
· Skip day to day operations and focus on innovation
· Reduction in overall risk
· Increased flexibility and capacity for future business needs
· Access to skilled resources to ramp-up or ramp-down based on business demands
· Resultant increase in application availability
· Improved business user satisfaction

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