Consulting Services

Is your infrastructure correctly configured and up to date? You say, ‘Probably yes’. You need to be surer than that, and that is where our experts in solution architecture and IT infrastructure roadmap come in to offer you business value, ensuring a perfect match between your business needs and your infrastructure.

Infrastructure assessment

Most IT infrastructures are failing simply because they are not configured correctly or have become outdated. Our IT infrastructure management and process specialists put your requirements into focus, ensuring that your IT environment is safe, productive, and up to date. We first assess your entire IT infrastructure for effectiveness, efficiency, and security. The results are compared to industry standard architecture to identify risks and performance issues, which are then fixed before they cause serious harm to your business.

Solution Architecture

We offer pure consulting services that address specific IT infrastructure needs of the customer. Our services are in the areas of data center technologies, enterprise networking & security, end-user computing, and mobility & enterprise BYOD.

IT Infrastructure roadmap

Technology changes every week. How do you ensure that your business is getting the most out of your IT infrastructure and that going forward it will meet your business needs?

We at Fourth Dimension understand that every business is different and thus the technology required to enable it is different. Our solution architects and senior consultants not only understand technology but also know that IT projects need to deliver business value. The primary goal of this service is to ensure that your IT infrastructure developmental plans are aligned to the growing needs of your business, even as the technology landscape around us continues to change rapidly.