• Thanks for the excellent support in Cisco firewall throughout migration journey.

    Especial thanks to Balaji.G and his colleagues who have supported in all the pre and post configuration in whole migration plan.

    They are extremely hands on experienced guys, have executed all commands/ policy based on our requirements.

    Narvadeshwar Chaudhary, Assistant Manager – ITS, Kony IT Services
  • Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not give perfect scores. In this case, 4D has performed exceptionally well in our project and deserves perfect scores. Servion Global Solutions is EXTREMELY SATISFIED with 4D’s management of our project. Our project was very challenging, both in scope and timeline.

     4D is Highly responsive, customer focused company that fulfilled our needs in a timely and very professional manner. The depth of knowledge of your engineers and the process they adhered to was impeccable. We are today, able to use the full features of VMware V Cloud and well on our way to implementing a private cloud environment.

    Thank you 4d for a professionally executed project.

    I highly recommend them!

    Jayan.N, IT Head – Servion Global Solutions
  • Team is doing an awesome job. Let’s keep building. Thank you.”

    Scott Shafer, CEO, Absolute Performance Inc.
  • Thank you for the continued support. It is a credit to the strong service being delivered by you and your team that our relationship continues to grow.

    Lets keep it going!”

    David Ferguson, VP of Service Delivery, Absolute Performance Inc
  • 4D has helping us for routine maintenance to complex migration and network related work for over a decade and it is been our trusted partner. Recently 4D helped us transition our entire IT network to new building given the complexity of the work , Immediacy of work. We almost required plug and play solution literally no capital facilities and 4D did a very good job. It has no cost and complaint and our Internal and IT teams are very happy with 4D has partner. wish many more years for glory and success for 4D”

    M.Rangarajan, Executive Director – Strategic Business Development, Servion Global Solutions
  • Fourth Dimension has certainly been our technology partner and at times one step ahead of us in the property, before we could open the property… Even when there is a critical situation, they calls me and tells me look things are not very good but we solve the problem, that assurance is what makes the company different from others…”

    T.Natarajan, CEO, GRT Hotels
  • They also have right technology skills ,the necessary leadership and necessary support Infrastructure to actually help,not only design a solutions, but also choose the right partner, implement the solution and support the customer actually faced..Fourth Dimension has the right people, right support Infrastructure and right Leadership and right technological skills and to not only architect, world class solution and also Project management and also find right partners..They always been help us to fill all gaps,and i am very happy with Fourth Dimension and i look forward to continue to support and continued engagement with them for upcoming project and i wish them all the best.”

    Ranjith Melarkode, CTO, SPI Group India
  • CAMS associated with 4D for more than 6 years, all through this years , they were able to upstream the staff to deliver, superior quality and services. The capability and commitment shown by On-site staff have beenvery exemplary. I could aptitude this, probably due to the stringnet level of training and selection of staff with service focus. As an organization i feel 4D has struck to the strength in the area of delivering, IT Infrastructure services and this helps the company to step ahead. They are able to understand the customer priority and pay their area always willing to suggest innovative ideas.

    Long lasting relationships, i believe 4D will continue to be our trusted partner and on that 22nd anniversary. I wish them all success in attaining greater heights in the years to come.”

    N.Ramakrishnan, CIO, CAMS