Guiding customers throughout their digital journey, and solving their technical issues faster, can help you meet your customers’ expectations and stay profitable. Follow the Sun model (FTS) is a wise option for you to build an effective customer support model. It is a method of distributing workflow across the globe. By pursuing this support model, organizations can make sure that their IT support team is always reachable to their customers, and the issues raised will get resolved in the shortest possible time.

Major Challenges that hinder your growth


 Employee churn rates or unexpected sick leaves will directly affect productivity. It leads up to employee fatigue. The remaining staff will be running on fumes due to the stretched and continuous works, thus impacting the quality of work.

24/7 support services

With limited in-house resources, providing around the clock support is a challenge. It throws you in situations where your customer is left with limited help when they really need you.

FTS- A better way to ensure high-quality support services

24/7 support services

By distributing the workloads across different geographical areas, organizations can ensure their 24/7 availability, and provide an easy reachable option to their customers.

Let’s take this as an example: A US-based Managed Service Provider wants to provide 24/7 support services to their customers. Due to the shortage of skilled resources, they partnered with a technology company in India. The support team in the United States will monitor and respond to the queries in the day time, and they pass through the workflow to the Indian team when they leave. After that, the Indian team takes over the process. By doing so the US-based Managed Service firm is able to provide round-the-clock support to their customers, and no one needs to work on graveyard shifts.


Because the teams are monitoring all the time, the issues will get noticed earlier and resolved sooner than before. Day or night- it doesn’t matter. Adopting this model lets you ensure high responsiveness to your support queries and reduces the time taken to resolve the issues.

Peer review:

Peer review is one of the main factors that helps you in improving or standardizing the quality of a work done. Though it can be achieved in many ways, the turnaround time involved in this model is comparatively low.

Cost Reduction:

 In certain situations, the cost of software tools equals a significant proportion of the project cost. FTS reduces both software purchasing and licensing costs. The tool cost may differ based on the geographical location, either low or high. And also, it is possible to distribute the license costs over more than one-time zone thereby reducing the total number of licenses required.

Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction is what makes you stay profitable. By adhering to this model, organizations can build a solid customer support strategy and stabilize their business growth. Although this model consists of complexities, with a right partner who understands the changing IT landscape and specific business needs, you can well-implement this model and gain a competitive edge.

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