Modern Tools To Empower Remote Teams

Connect, Converse, and Collaborate- Anywhere, at Any time on any device!.

We help you create a better remote workspace environment, irrespective of your team sizes, with our collaboration service.

With all the collaborative tools in one place, no matter where your team members are working- get them together, collaborate, and work more productively and securely!

Do instant messaging, daily chats, call, video conferencing, and collaborate one-on-one or with teams 10 to 10,000- from anywhere using any device!

Make your meeting sessions more contextual and effective by sharing relevant content files and discussion.

Leverage AI assistance to schedule meetings, notes taking, meeting recording, and post transcripts.

Gain control over the attendees- who can attend the meetings, screen-sharing, and record meetings.

Create a content pool- Employees can save, access, share, and edit/co-author their content (Docs, Powerpoint, and Excels) files in real-time- all in one place!

Keep your employees focused on content by using blur technologies to avoid other distractions.

Values We Create


Break Down the Location Barriers

Manage your remote workers more effectively. Work better together across devices, anytime, anywhere. Easily schedule meetings and calls. Enable access to those who need it and keep out of those who don’t.


Maximize Productivity

Increase your team’s productivity by making all your collaboration- chats, conversations, online meetings, shared files, tasks, etc. available in a single portal. This keeps everyone aware of what’s going on within the team and lets individuals work on their assigned tasks.


Better Focus on Work

Instead of going through all the mails, using conversation threads help remote employees to find the conversations, messages, shared files, and tasks specific to a particular work. With the right information in one place, they can plunge into the tasks and achieve desired results on-time.

Managed Services

With our managed services, you can ensure your remote teams get access to proper collaboration tools, training and support.
Our managed service includes,

Continuous end-user support, training, and adoption services

Streamlined user policy governance and data lifecycle management support

Online meeting set up, workload enablement, file, and content migration

Help and training for live events

About 4D

  • 30+ years of experience in the system integration deployment and managed services.
  • 10,000+ active collaboration users set it up and managed by us.
  • More than 100 customers- continuous end-user support, training, and adoption services on a day-to-day basis.