Fourth Dimension  2:49 AM  ADD COMMENT  24/7 SUPPORT  , FOLLOW THE SUN  , FTS MODEL  , MANAGED SERVICES  , MSP WHAT IS FOLLOW THE SUN MODEL? Follow The Sun Model (FTS) is a method in which the workload is distributed to companies located across the world. The aspect of varied […]

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Fourth Dimension  2:59 AM  ADD COMMENT  MALWARE  , PATCH MANAGEMENT  , PATCH TESTING  , PATCHES  , SECURITY  , WANNACRY  , WINDOWS XP What is Patch Management ? Patch Management is an process,which manages patches or upgrades software applications and technologies. As the name suggests a patch is a piece of […]

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offshoring (1)

Fourth Dimension 2:01 AM ADD COMMENT 24/7 SUPPORT , DATA CENTERS , H1B VISA , MANAGED SERVICES , MANAGED SERVICES PROVIDERS , MSP , OFFSHORING Off-shoring is a growing trend across the globe. Owing to the impending changes in the immigration rules in theUS, there is an potential shortage of […]

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