According to Business Line, the online survey conducted by a private firm for 145 executives from various industries revealed, more than 30 per cent of the respondents planning to offshore their IT infrastructure in the next 12 months and another 30 percent researching or evaluating the same with active interest.

Fourth Dimension  2:49 AM  ADD COMMENT  24/7 SUPPORT  , FOLLOW THE SUN  , FTS MODEL  , MANAGED SERVICES  , MSP WHAT IS FOLLOW THE SUN MODEL? Follow The Sun Model (FTS) is a method in which the workload is distributed to companies located across the world. The aspect of varied

Fourth Dimension  2:59 AM  ADD COMMENT  MALWARE  , PATCH MANAGEMENT  , PATCH TESTING  , PATCHES  , SECURITY  , WANNACRY  , WINDOWS XP What is Patch Management ? Patch Management is an process,which manages patches or upgrades software applications and technologies. As the name suggests a patch is a piece of

Fourth Dimension 2:01 AM ADD COMMENT 24/7 SUPPORT , DATA CENTERS , H1B VISA , MANAGED SERVICES , MANAGED SERVICES PROVIDERS , MSP , OFFSHORING Off-shoring is a growing trend across the globe. Owing to the impending changes in the immigration rules in theUS, there is an potential shortage of